Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fun Television

We are watching "Diary of a Political Tourist", filmed last year on the campaign trail with all the Democratic contenders, mixed in some footage of George. It is captivating for me, a political junkie, and recovering Deaniac. Kerry is pleasant, Edwards intense, Gephart is friendly, Lieberman very positive. Many of the places and situations in which they are filmed make you realize how hard you have to work to get noticed and votes in the early primaries. It is a keeper for us on the DVR. Nancy Pelosi's daughter is doing the film and it is very enjoyable for a rainy afternoon. No matter which Democrat ultimately ends up in the White HOuse, they have really covered alot of miles on the campaign trail, full of lots of different foods and heavy on the carbs. I envy Chris Matthews for getting to ride the campaign bus with Edwards last week after the debate.