Monday, October 11, 2004

California Dreamin'

A return visit to the Bay Area this weekend made me realize how much I miss about living in the San Francisco area. It is definitely cooler, weather wise. The ever-expanding array of produce, food creations and liberal ambience are so energizing. I also think they drive more safely. Upon return home from the Phoenix Airport, I witnessed two idiots weaving in and out of the HOV lane at rapid speeds; got the finger given to me (or actually to my daughter) after I honked someone for weaving in front of me and had some guy behind me gesturing to go faster. No sure how he expected me to go through the line of cars in front of me.
But, I will be missing some aspects of Calfiornia. Tasting our new varietal olive oils and unusual condiments (marinated leeks, rosemary sea salt) will be comforting, until we can return again to the mecca of amazing (and organic) produce and food. And this week will be filled with events for John Kerry surrounding the debate here on Wednesday --- I am already giddy just thinking about the excitement! That will not stop me from dreaming about Acme Bread, however...