Tuesday, October 05, 2004

World Series Ring

There was only one World Series ring visible in the stands at Peoria Stadium for opening day of Fall League. It was an unbelievably beautiful day for a game, and there were probably 10-20 people there outside the players, scouts and MLB staff. I like the fact that the players wear their own team uniforms. There is no cheering as the scouts are timing base running and using their radar guns to measure pitch speeds. They show no expression or reaction as it might tip their hand to another scout. Usually this group has several World Series rings to see, but today only one guy who came to watch. I swore it was Mark Grace, but my husband said no.
Speaking of my husband, he was giddy with excitement. We got there early, he ran ahead to our favorite seats, put down his stuff and went over with the other fans to the dugout and took pictures. I told him they might let him sit in the dugout if he asked. It is truly a special way to spend the afternoon, in the sun, watching baseball, hearing every noise from the field and watching him soak it all up. It doesn't hurt that I can eavesdrop on all the conversations between the scouts and players who sit in the section we like, right behind home plate. But I still don't know who the guy was wearing the ring.