Saturday, October 02, 2004

A Gentle, Loving Soul Has Gone

The rabbi, Rabbi Herbert Silberman, with whom I have studied for my Adult Bat Mitzvah, died in his sleep last night. His wife, who is my Hebrew teacher, has become a special friend, and together, they were an inspiration to many. His reverence and kindness, along with ability to impart knowledge while remaining humble, made me want to be a better person and become closer to G-d. His passing during the High Holidays is symbolic, as it is said only the most holy die during that time. He was someone who was destined to be a rabbi because he demonstrated, with his life, the way you would want to be. The loving relationship with his wife was part of their religious teaching, each telling sweet stories about each other in their classes.
Tonight, he rests with G-d in his beloved night sky, bright with stars and the Sukkot moon -- close to the G-d he loved so much. I will remember him each time I look at the stars. My life is so much better for having the opportunity to learn from him. I am truly honored, and very saddened. I know his precious wife will struggle to figure out why she should continue breathing, or eating, or doing anything without him -- they were virtually inseparable, until today that is.