Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. We have talked alot about bullies with my daughter, as she encountered some really mean girls, and we have an extensive bullying book collection. But I myself hate being bullied, as I am generally a very easy-going, and probably, easily manipulated, person. I tend to let people be as they are, and often get taken advantage of by those who seek their own outcomes.
A recent situation with synchronized swimming is one example; there are those in my family that bully alot in their own way. I find that my reaction is to back off, and do the opposite of what they are intending to achieve, as my way of standing up for myself. In that case, no one wins, as they don't get their way, and I get stubborn and unhappy.
The worst bullies are those that come in sheep clothing, appearing to be nice and really have their own agendas. Maybe, by being more passive, I am also a bully.
Hmmmm, food for thought.