Monday, October 04, 2004

Why Does One Blog?

I have analyzed why I like blogging. It serves as a sort of online journal, a place where you can let out thoughts, crystalize ideas and write down what you are thinking about. I find it helpful that it allows you to get stuff out of your mind, so it does not roll around over and over again. It has, in some cases, allowed me to stop thinking about something by putting it elsewhere. A wonderful boss told me once to write down my thoughts for something you were upset about. Then, a day or two later, take it out, look at it and then decide if you want to act on it or simply move on.
I found that I enjoy reading other people's postings periodically as I find there are lots of interesting, thoughtful people out there. I don't really care if anyone else reads the blog; you can track who comes to read it, how they got there, what they read, how long they are there, etc. Of most interest, is seeing what various search words lead people to my blog -- funniest so far are lettuce jammers, Kerri Strug + coach, chilig. There have been some others, but I can't remember them right now.