Monday, October 04, 2004

Focus and Clarity

This Monday, it is harder to focus than usual. I am so saddened by the passing of Rabbi Herbert Silberman, thinking of his loving wife and her facing everything alone. I am distracted by a strange series of phone calls with my brother. And it is a heavy breast cancer week, with volunteer time at Susan G. Komen, accompanying a friend to the surgeon appointment to discuss her lump and my own bi-annual mammograms...
On the positives, Rabbi Silberman leaves behind alot of people to comfort his widow, Fall League starts this week, it is only four weeks to the election, and my daughter is an amazing person. I look forward to the Fall League games as a chance to have some great time with my husband as this is one of his yearly highlights, and the venue in which we will have his annual birthday celebration. There are also three new buds for flowers on my cactus --- hooray!!!
I think I will take my own advice, and do baby-steps. I will find some fun, new music and exercises for my class today.