Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Politically Correct

This year's "trick or treat" bag did not yield any "Good 'N Plentys". It did have a flyer from KentuckyFriedCruelty.com showing some gruesome pictures of chickens being killed, with lots of facts about how the chickens are housed, drugged, etc. It seems a bit strange to use Halloween bags for kids as the venue for distributing this literature. I don't want to repress the freedom of speech, or disagree with the horror described on the flyer, but it could have really scared some young kid with an upsetting picture among the candy and goodies. Pamela Anderson was among the celebrities weighing in on the topic of animal cruelty, along with Paul McCartney, a noted vegetarian. I agree that the treatment of the chickens is abominable, as well as some of the other animals that people mistreat for no apparent reason. The world is full of rescue agencies to get these animals to their FOREVER homes, and in the hands of loving souls. Halloween is an odd time to spread that message....but, is this a case where the end justifies the means?" I guess the flyer was someone's idea of a trick.