Friday, July 22, 2005

A New Fan of Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick opened the show for "The Wallflowers" last week at The Borgata and won me over as a new fan. She is adorable, writes all her music and had a great band. The audience was a mix of a few people that knew of her and others that just discovered her. She just turned 21 and commented about her first time gambling in a casino. The songs were personal, mostly written in her bedroom.
Her first song, according to her website, was written in 5th grade Math while thinking of a "Green Day" song. People waited in line to get her autograph on anything they had (CD, ticket, hat, shirt) as she always goes into the lobby following her set to meet her fans.
I think she is on the road to a big career -- since last week, she has been featured on Yahoo. I hope that her genuine, casual style stays with her as her career blossoms. She was finishing up this road tour and heading home to see her cat and visit the local Starbuck's before she went out on the road again.