Friday, April 22, 2005

A Five Star Day

My horoscope clearly showed a five-star day! I am here, five years after breast cancer, so that must be what the five stars are acknowledging!
Not the fact that my housecleaning crew did not show up, or that the trainer slept through my appointment, which is just the way things go some days. Or the fact that the movie I selected at Blockbuster said "1 week rental" on the box, but scanned as a 2-day rental. (I told the clerk I wanted it to say one week on the receipt; he said "there are no late fees so return it whenever you want" . I said "your definition of reasonable return time may be different than mine and then you would charge me." He said, "after seven days late, they charge you the difference to buy the pre-viewed movie and then you just own it." I said "that is ridiculous, keep your movie.")
The best thing today is that I actually believe that the very first cactus flower of the season is opening tonight, as the Shabbat prelude to Passover begins. So, in all, it was a five-star day, and I am thankful. I look forward to the full moon and an eclipse on Sunday night.