Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Brave Men and Their Trusted Dogs

Bravery is only one of the words to describe the reality of life for a K-9 officer and his/her partner. Last weekend we saw several officers (all men in this case), with their K-9 partners, compete in the "Desert Dogs Police K-9 Trials." The obstacle course had multiple components, and some of the dogs were flustered by the crowd cheering, but it was a spectacular event. It showcased the extensive training, and resulting trust, between the two officers, as well as the uncertainty that is faced daily jumping into windows, climbing through pipes, all in the name of law enforcement.
The stands at Scottsdale Stadium were not full, but many of the people there were officers' families, cheering on their team. I was struck by the fact that each had young children who have a father facing danger each day. I wish them luck and safety as they leave for work each day, truly living out the adventures displayed on "Dogs With Jobs." Custom, bullet-proof vests for each dog cost $600; you can bet we supported that cause for those dogs employed in police and sheriff departments, correctional facilities and the military.