Sunday, April 10, 2005

Royal Newlyweds

I don't like Prince Charles for cheating on Diana, but I have still read about the wedding preparations, protocol and ceremony. This woman, whom he finally married, has been in his life for decades, and frankly, why would she stop seeing him when he will eventually be King of England? Yes, all girls want to be princesses (which she technically is now, except for the actual title), but these same girls would also like to be the Queen (which she will be, except for the title.) The concept of living in castles, wearing beautiful ballgowns, attending fantastic events --- sure. But, break up someone's marriage in order to achieve your goal? That makes you not a nice person, no matter what the title is.
I do think the concept of the royals may be outdated, but, for people in ordinary lives, it provides the opportunity to see real-life fairy tales. In some fairy tales, the real Princess does get killed.
In case you wonder, I still aspire to be a princess. And, if there was a pea under my mattress, I would feel it.