Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ironing (Not!)

Today, while at the dentist's office, I happened upon a "Reader's Digest." They get the best jokes sent in for publication, and as I laughed out loud repeatedly, noted an interesting fact highlighted in one article: 49% of Americans iron their jeans and 5% iron their socks! Well, that is news to me. I double-checked it in the dental office. Well, lo and behold, some of those folks either iron their jeans or know people that do. I could assume that a former military person would like the crease down the front, but the rest of the people....that totally escapes me.
I have not seen our iron since we moved last 3+ years ago. In fact, my daughter said she figured we did not have one. One mover told me everyone has an ironing board to move, but most people haven't used it since the last time they moved. I figure that people who iron their jeans must have more time that I do.
By the way, the funniest joke was a cartoon of two kids watching "Roadrunner" cartoons. One kid says, "what do you think they are really saying when they say beep, beep?" Sign of the times -- roadrunner "beeping" is confusing with curse-word "bleeping."