Tuesday, March 08, 2005


A neighbor is doing a construction project and has placed a port-a-potty on the sidewalk for their crew. I have enjoyed making lots of jokes about it. But, seriously, yesterday, a guy drove down the street. He obviously saw it, parked his car, went into it, and then drove away. Was he just looking for a place to go to the bathroom?
It should be pretty busy with all the yard crews in the area, who allegedly go to the fast food restaurants nearby to use "their facilities." Last year, I encountered one of our yard guys, using the corner of the yard that I had told my husband was "their facilities." I told the owner of the company, and he fired the guy as he says they never should do that and must go to the nearby "facilities." Reality is, when they get left off here with a lawn trailer not attached to a vehicle, they really can't leave the area. My neighbor and I discussed it, and we said we would let them use our "facilities" if they asked, but that doesn't seem to happen. I made the offer to our recent housepainters, who drank beer while painting, and they did not oblige as well.
I was glad it has rained a whole lot since then.