Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cat Poop In My Garden

I saw the new cat next door pooping in my garden last week, and after the rain ended, went out to find that it had decided my organic garden was the new litter box. I picked up the poop - family debate ensued as to what to do next. It could have been thrown out, left at the neighbor's door, tossed over their fence or presented to them with request for help with the problem. Chasing the cat out has eliminated some of the bird killing, but what to do now? I went online and it must be a common problem given the number of products available and suggested solutions. I tried pouring un-diluted vinegar around the borders and sprayed the garden as cats have a sense of smell 14 times that of humans. If that doesn't work, we will have to get more aggressive about this problem. The new cat is a total outdoor cat, water at the front door, bed at the back. I am not opposed to having the cat wander around, as long as it does not poop in my garden or kill my birds.