Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mandatory Recycling

OK, I admit that mandatory recycling is what I like to see. I cannot really say Seattle is "my kind of town" in every way, but Seattle is progressive and mandatory recycling should be in effect everywhere (though monitoring it would be impossible). But, as a citizen volunteer member of the Seattle 2000 Environmental Goals committee in 1972, we dreamed of such laws -- streets where only pedestrians and mass transit were allowed; required recycling; landfills used for fuel sources. I guess when they say dreams really can come true, they mean it.
Bottomline is that it is not difficult to sort by type of material, wet or dry, or whatever technique is suggested, and I cannot understand why people just don't do it anyway. But, as a mandatory law, you will also find exceptions, like people dumping their trash in other people's dumpsters, in the woods, vacant lots. People get some weird reaction to being told they "must" do something; perhaps the laid-back Seattle style won't result in illegal dumping. I, for one, applaud this law!