Friday, February 04, 2005

Random Political Thoughts, Part 2

I will not be commenting on GWB's State of the Union address, as I managed to totally stay clear of coverage (except for reading about the impromptu hug among gallery viewers) and to comment that since I am under age 55, I assume I will NOT get Social Security. The removal of an anti-party line Republican from a key committee position speaks more to his real agenda, anyway.
I know that many Democrats are unhappy with the prospect of Howard Dean doing anything at all, but I like him as he has been responsible for re-activating many activists. Hard to know how that will turn out, and if it is good for the Dems long-term. Bifurcating an already struggling party will only benefit GWB and his successors.
John Edwards is going to Univ. of North Carolina to head up a new Center on Poverty, studying and impacting poor people as they work towards becoming middle class. Very noble endeavor and reminscent of Jimmy Carter with Habitat of Humanity. I admire them for taking a big picture view of how they can change what they see.
Speaking of seeing, not many of those poor or middle class folks were visible at the FBR Open yesterday, unless they were doing the temp service jobs. It was really quite a spectacle, with people watching, Home Show type booths and, incidentally, world class golfers playing by periodically. The strangest thing I saw was some guy, obviously a verrrrrry high powered CEO, with cool shades and an earpiece, walking with eight guys (yes, guys) behind him in formation, followed by a body guard with an earpiece and who knows what else. Must have come from one of the many Lear jets landing nearby. We were trying to figure out which CEO it could have been, but with so many large corporations on the sponsorship boards with hospitality tents, we were stumped. I was a bit overwhelmed by the consumption around me and the contrasts in the world.