Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Was Cheated

I realized yesterday I was cheated, though not maliciously, but, most likely, by accident. There was a woman that opened an alterations shop in Phoenix in the early 90's, and she was an awesome seamstress from Romania. She took in lots of stuff for my husband, but also custom designs and creates wedding dresses and all bridal wear. The work is truly beautiful.
Well, she is still here and I needed some pants taken in and shoulder pads taken out of a jacket so it would look updated. I took them in last May, the busy bridal season, and picked it up two weeks later. I had to pay cash ($96), and Rodica, of Rodica's Alterations was not there that day or she would have made me try the stuff on. Anyhow, my mother was with me, having a bathroom emergency and it is possible that they needed the money to hire a cleaning crew when we finally left.
But, each time I put the pants on, I kept thinking they had not been taken in or I had lost lots more weight. But I looked at all the seams, and just couldn't tell. This week, I tried the jacket on to get dressed for a political breakfast. And, the shoulder pads were still there, and, in fact, marked with safety pins to show what work was to be done.
I know that it was a busy time and it was most likely an oversight, not deliberately cheating me. But, now, six plus months later, I definitely know the work wasn't done. I paid cash; it is my word against theirs. Lesson learned -- try on all alterations before leaving the store, even if your family member has condemned the bathroom in the shop.