Friday, January 14, 2005

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller has been a favorite for many years, until he became a card-carrying conservative, that is. We loved him on SNL, his own talk show and even Monday Night Football, but he has allegedly changed since "9/11" to a vocal conservative. Previous colleagues say he has always been slightly conservative, but I am not sure I agree. His quick, rapid-fire delivery of strange comments is unique, but I cannot watch him knowing he is a friend of GWB. I mean, photo ops, riding Air Force One, and declaring GWB as "a mock-free zone" are more than I can accept. He had made his living making jokes about the likes of GWB.
We were so excited to see him live in Phoenix a few years ago. However, he did not handle a nasty heckler very well, and rushed his 90 minute act into about 30 minutes. Yes, it was still funny, but he just wanted to get out of there. Security did not remove the heckler, much to the chagrin of the paying audience. I doubt Dennis Miller will be doing any shows of any kind in Phoenix, though it is truly a conservative hotbed. I miss his special brand of commentary, and it made my husband laugh almost harder than I have ever seen him laugh. Until, that is, the recent viewing of "There's a Turd in my Car" from the Crank Yankers. Very funny stuff, but really weird. Who thinks of this stuff anyhow?