Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Random Political Thoughts

I have several random political thoughts rolling around in my head.
-- The first one is that I hate George W. Bush, but that is nothing new.
-- Christine Gregoire is being installed as the Washington State Governor, after a tightly contested race. A great Democratic victory and, hopefully, it will stand up in court.
-- Howard Dean is running for DNC Chair. I personally like him, but know that he raises the ire of many Democrats. He would be devisive to the party, but not nearly as much as the anti-abortion guy would be. I heard the inside story of the infamous scream from some media guys who were in the room at the time, participating in the event -- it was a technical error that cost him big.
-- On a global level, it is really sad that the tsunami aid issue is getting so politicized. With everyone tripping over themselves to help, these poor people are in such dire straits.
-- A Democratic challenger is starting a campaign against Schwarzenegger. Hooray for that!
-- On the homefront, women are apparently going to lose their right to choose abortion or not, if Monkeyboy gets his way. He and his fellow beltway scumbags will be doubletalking, lying, cheating, basically just being giant, twofaced a------- all the way to the finish line. WHAT A JERK AND WHAT JERKS THOSE 59 MILLION WERE TOO!