Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Pull Up The Covers

Today, I want to pull up the covers over my head and hide from the horrific images and stories in the aftermath of earthquake and tsunami. I ache all over with sadness of the lives lost and families destroyed. These stories are interspersed with an occasional fantastic tale of survival and reunion with family members in the disaster's path. Sending money does just not feel like it is enough, even if accompanied with prayers, hope and empathy. We have walked in some of the very streets and towns that have been destroyed.
So, pulling the covers up over my head may give a temporary break, and also help my cold and sneezing...but how can we escape from the suffering of others? I will start by turning off my computer, but the live Reuters newsfeeds that my husband has streaming into the house cannot be ignored. So many people affected have no homes in which to pull up the covers and hide from the devastation, disease and who knows what else lies ahead for them.