Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cuisine of Choice

I realized that I am not a big fan of Italian food, which probably is the most popular cuisine based on the number of Italian restaurants around. I would never dream of ordering a pasta entree; eat virtually no meat products; eggplant is usually fried and fish is not usually creatively prepared. I would make an exception for a fantastic fra diavlo sauce in some cases, perhaps at Rao's (where I hope to eat someday since we met him) or Caffe Sport in San Francisco.
I would have to say that I like New American cuisine, with creative use of interesting produce and fish, followed by Meditteranean food if prepared innovatively. And I like seafood restaurants, with a wide variety choices of appetizers and entrees. I like Japanese, if it is of the caliber of Morimoto's. Chinese usually makes me thirsty. Pizza, unless coal-oven prepared, is not worth eating. Vietnamese and Mexican must be authentic and fresh. We talk about Indian food, but never seem to actually eat it. Greek food never even enters the discussion as an option.
So, okay, I guess I am a food snob. Which explains why we don't go out to dinner too often (except to Luby's which provides a balanced, predictable meal, not withstanding the times we are grossed out by the place.)