Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Free Hotmail Is Worth Just What It Costs

I have had an Hotmail "world's first free email" account since its early days, when my husband interviewed the founder before Microsoft bought it. But I find it so annoying and keep trying to use other accounts (Yahoo is much better -- more on that to follow) but have has this account for so long it is hard to change.
I get, at least twice per day, a message that "server is too busy" or "we are experiencing high volume, try later." Who wants to try later? I want it now, when I want it. I like that they expanded the free storage space, but who needs that much when you cannot get into your account?
Yahoo email is easier to use, messages don't disappear after seven days and I have never gotten a message that the service was down or to try later! I applied for a Google email account, but was not granted one. I even set up a Cox.net account but that was two computers ago. I am a creature of habit and keep going back to my Hotmail, for better or for worse. I don't use IM, or ever look at MSN, and just use the email.
My venting for the day ---guess what triggered it? A"server is too busy" message.