Sunday, November 28, 2004

Stem Cells, Again

A success story for stem cells today! In Korea, a woman who had been paralyzed for 20 years, was able to walk again, after stem cells were obtained from umbilical cords. How amazing that it worked with something that happens anytime a baby is born. All you 59 million idiots should rethink where you are on this topic, and you are most likely not in Korea.
And I was saddened by the knowledge that more species of tigers are facing extinction in China, due to dwindling prey, land where they can live, their capture and use of parts for medicine, and overall lack of interest or effort to save them. Three species are already extinct. The white tigers, saved by Siegfried and Roy are one tremendous rescue effort because someone cared. I toured their display zoo in Las Vegas and was so impressed, but, sadly, never had the chance to see their show.
Closer to home, holiday lights sprouted up around the neighborhood, from simple to extremely elaborate. I look forward to walking at night to view the various lights and displays, though I cannot help but wonder about the impact on the electric power supply. Our weekend concluded with viewing of "Pimp My Ride." It is a family favorite and X to the Z is so funny, though each show has lots of "bleeping" over the inappropriate words. Each show ends with us smiling as the recipient of the pimped vehicle is so delighted when the crew at West Coast Customs does more outrageous stuff than the time before. And I just have to assume these vehicles top those stolen in the LA Area, as they load them with plasma tvs, stereo and computer equipment and an occasional waterfall, sink and fireplace.