Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dolphins and Whales

Reading that hundreds of dolphins and whales were found after beaching themselves for unknown reasons is so sad. The scientists worked through the night to save dozens of whales and dolphins after three separate beachings in Australia and New Zealand. There are many of them dead, buried in huge mass graves.
The reason is unknown, but there has been seismic testing (bombing of the ocean floor) nearby recently to explore for oil and gas. They (the infamous they) state the data on the impact of the seismic testing on the animals is inconclusive. Environmentalists are urging this to stop until the impact on the animals is determined.
Given that dolphins have been used by the US Navy to find underwater missles, we know they are sensitive to smell, vibration and sound. So, this has to have had some impact. And because they travel in groups, and stay close together to help one another if any of them encounter a problem, large groups of these beautiful, smart creatures are dying. G-d bless those in the rescue efforts and shame on the rest of us.