Friday, December 03, 2004


Oh goodness gracious -- our beloved Barry Bonds cannot escape the witch hunt. I don't know if we ever believed that he didn't take them, but we sure did not want to. We saw him with some fans in the Red Carpet Room -- these two guys with a disposable camera were trying to decide if they had to the guts to go up and ask for a picture. They started to approach, turned back, and two tries later, went up to Barry, who graciously had a picture taken with each of them, all with a huge smile.
And Barry, with another family favorite, Dusty Baker, kept my husband above water during my breast cancer treatments. He gave up Opening Day of PacBell Park that season to sit with me in chemotherapy. So, whatever the public says or MLB does, we will always treasure him. Seeing him in Spring Training, 30 feet away from us, is memorable. Just like seeing Michael Jordan running the spring he tried baseball on for size at the practice field in Scottsdale. As for Jason Giambi, we saw him play for the A's in Spring Training and in Oakland.
How sad that these great stars have to be tarnished for poor decision making. But, they are such role models that it cannot go unnoticed.