Sunday, December 05, 2004

Getting on "Kicks"

My husband and I have gotten on many tv show "kicks" in our years together. There has been "Love Connection" as we love Chuck, "Rockford Files" as we like James Garner, "Dragnet", "Family Feud", "Love Boat", to name a few. Our current ones are "RV Today", "Airport" and "Airline", plus "The West Wing." My husband and daughter love "Law and Order"; my daughter and I adore Mr. Monk.
We are late arrivals to "The West Wing" phenomena, though "American President" has been a favorite movie. I actually purchased the first season of "The West Wing" when it came out on DVD last Hanukkah for my husband to watch while doing his exercise bike (which, by the way, he does faithfully everyday) because it was written by the same writers as "Sports Night", one of his all-time favorites. Turns out we both loved "The West Wing", for its captivating writing and political banter. We savored the DVD episodes, despite having to return the set twice to Amazon for defective discs. (They were replaced quickly).
And then we started recording them, until we have seen all but two episodes. We like President Bartlett, Charlie, Lily Tomlin and Rizzo. I am not wild about Toby or Josh, and rather like Will. My husband likes Toby best. Leo is sort of a tragic character and Margaret is very odd. CJ is believable as Press Secretary, not in her new role. The episode with the lyrics from "New York Minute" is one to watch repeatedly.
Not sure where it will be going in the coming year, the final season, but we will be watching. The episode where the Secret Service guy is killed after guarding CJ could make me cry over and over again. Can't remember who the guest star was that played the Secret Service guy but he is very recognizable, as is James Brolin. We were wondering if Barbra had visited the set.