Friday, December 10, 2004

BK is BS!

My husband really wanted a SpongeBob watch, available as special purchase with a Burger King Value Meal. We NEVER eat fast food, but figured with all the ads that fast food restaurants are now low-carb friendly, they would have something as an alternative to fries (apple slices, mandarin orange sections, salad, celery, carrot, or something.)
We entered the BK and our cashier did not speak English. We ordered his meal, and mine, the Chicken Whopper. I asked to make sure it was grilled, not fried. The guy answered "yes, it comes with fries." I tried again, same answer. A supervisor came over and said it is grilled. I asked for something other than fries. He offered onion rings. No sign of any option and the applesauce which I found on the website upon returning home was nowhere in sight. Or they could have offered a side salad, which I saw on the menu while awaiting my already paid for order. Since they had only one watch, Squidward, I tried to cancel my value meal to just the sandwich, but the language barrier made that impossible, so we got fries.
It was unsatisfactory from beginning to end -- not being able to order or ask a question; the sandwich came wrong and had to be thrown away and remade (fact is it was disgusting and I should have told them not to bother remaking it) and you had to do a special request from the manager for mustard and lemon. The only positive comment I have is that the fresh-brewed raspberry iced tea was good.
So, in sum, fast food restaurants have changed -- for the worse. I will NEVER go back. On top of everything else, it was filthy. I would hate to see their Health Department rating. But my husband got his watch. As I said at the beginning, BK is BS!