Sunday, December 12, 2004

Summer Fruits

I love apricots, and peaches. And, in the winter, I miss the summer fruits, grown on the organic farms of California. Often they are replaced by fruit transported from Chile, which just doesn't ripen or taste as good. We are spoiled by the range of products available at Farmer's Markets in the Bay Area. Apples can be wonderful, if really crisp with a snap when you bite into it. We have eaten more pears, of different varieties, this year. But I long for a perfectly ripe apricot, picked at its peak of ripeness.
We found a really wonderful organic farm at the Farmer's Market recently that has citrus fruits and amazing vegetables. The owner of McClendon Farms packages his lettuce so lovingly and the produce is fantastic. For the first time ever, I made a squash with his instructions and we actually were able to eat it. Organic sweet potatoes are a favorite as well and his are excellent. So, I guess we will get by until the summer fruits are ripe. Good weather, approaching 80 degrees, will definitely help!