Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jerk of the Year

Each year, as the year end approaches, we discuss who will be Time's "Person of the Year." It could be someone with either a positive or negative effect on the world -- my husband was thinking Saddam Hussein last year. But the selection of Bush is clearly picking the negative impact, in my mind, and he should be "Jerk of the Year." One of the rationale for picking him is that he has polarized the country. That he has clearly done, and truly impacted everyone, including those that supported him and those of us that despise him.
My protest against this choice will be not to renew my Time magazine subscription. It has been my favorite magazine since I worked for them as an on-campus sales rep in college.
I would have picked, as my "Person of the Year", the founder of "Kids With Canines", a group that helps troubled teens by having them training service dogs as a way to focus and learn responsibility. We just discovered the show "Dogs With Jobs" on the National Geographic Channnel, which just joined our lineup. Perhaps I could become one of those people who have every National Geographic ever published. It could join our collections of TV Guide and Gourmet.