Saturday, December 18, 2004


I am a spelling nut -- spelling errors pop out of the page right at me. Perhaps that is due to being the copy editor in high school, college and graduate school on a newspaper. To me, spelling is an easy thing to do right and I don't understand why people just don't spell correctly. So, reading that The White House went all out to showcase the advantages of a financial agenda this week, including the word "challenges" being misspelled on a large television monitor that stood in front of monkeyboy during a panel discussion, was ridiculous. The sign read:
"Financial Challanges for Today and Tomorrow," the message proclaimed in dark blue capital letters against a bright yellow background.
Seems to me that there are more challenges than a financial agenda to address, including the proofreading skills of the staff. Perhaps they should have to pass a spelling test prior to White House employment -- I know at least one person that works there that may not pass the test! Can anyone spell idiot?