Sunday, December 26, 2004


At the Southwest Airlines terminal today, the screens displaying flight status would say ON TIME, and then, instead of ARRIVING (their usual wording), would change to FIXN2LAND. Obviously the person entering the flight info lived in the South and is a big IM or text message sender. The other people waiting were laughing with me, and one person speculated that ARRIVED would be replaced with DONELANDED, YEDOGGY. My suggestion was DWNTHERDAPECE. It was humor needed on a hectic airport day.
The Junie B. Jones books are another place where I can laugh at misspellings and grammar errors. The author, Barbara Parks, has captured the funny way in which a child can hear words and repeat things said to them that they clearly do not understand. Those books provided many nights of pre-bedtime reading and laughter in our house for all ages. We have even adopted some expressions from those books, including "flatty pancake" found in the book about fruitcake. My husband and daughter said I had the best Junie B. voice ever -- that is a wonderful compliment in my book!