Sunday, January 09, 2005


Bad habits are hard to break -- late night snacking, procrastinating, being disorganized, leaving your shoes in the middle of a room, avoiding phone calls -- just to name a few that I have. I also have a habit of saying "I'm sorry" too often for things that I am not responsible for.
Good habits are another story. They often take awhile to get formed, but once you do something regularly, they can be comforting. Or, they can be comforting when you get back into them from a long break of routine. That is how I felt today when my Hebrew and Siddur class started again -- it was a habit that I missed. Even with a different instructor, I completely enjoyed getting back into it. Another habit is going to services more often, even if it is just an evening minyan once each week. One habit I must develop is better home dental care. I am sure there are more, but I cannot think of them now.