Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What To Wear?

I told my husband he could not wear golf clothing, or clothing with golf themes on it, if he didn't play golf. So he bought two golf clubs at an outlet center in Palm Springs, but then had a biking accident and hurt his shoulder, ending his non-existent golf career. Since there are two new clubs in the garage, I do think he can now wear golfwear. And it is a good thing since he has an invite to a tent at the FBR Open.
The problem is what do I wear? I own no golf clothing and have nothing white as I cannot keep it white. I have lots of spring-like clothing, but, to me, it is still cold. I noted in the newspaper last year that people were walking the course (without their cellphones, of course) in capri pants and high heels. Why would someone wear high heels when walking on grass? Beats me. I cannot even walk in high heels on level ground.
I will have to try on lots of outfits tonight to find just the right thing. In the meantime, I will be trying to figure out why my husband wears shirts and neckties with cigars and martinis on them when he does not drink or smoke. So, logically, if he wears those because they are cute (and conversation starters), he could probably also wear surfer or sailing clothing.