Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

I tell my daughter this all the time, and now I must heed my own advice. Enough complaining about hating GWB -- time to act on making it better next time around and/or preventing erosion of important rights. Not sure where to start: women's reproductive rights (my cousin picked this on top of her list), environmental preservation, Social Security, etc. But it is time for action. I was invited by my neighbor, Roselyn O'Connell, to attend the Arizona Women's Political Caucus last week. It was motivating to see women of all ages, race and viewpoints doing something, not just talking. Ms. O'Connell herself ran for Congress as well as headed up the National Women's Political Caucus, serving as an amazing role model for women.
I will start by joining this multi-partisan group, and starting acting on my opinions, not just venting.