Saturday, February 05, 2005

I Was Not Leaving Empty-handed!

We had the time for ticket sales for U2 on the calendar. I was doing phone; my husband was online. He got tickets quickly, but a fluke in his account lost them and we were in a 15 min. queue. By the time we got through, the tickets were not available, so we kept redialing and rebooting, to find none available. My husband walked around saying "I blew it. Give it up." But I wasn't leaving empty-handed as he has gone to heroic efforts (twice) to get Eagles tickets. I figured more tickets might get released. Well, the redial was ongoing, but the wireless internet dropped and I had to reboot. As it came on, at the bottom of the Ticketmaster page, in red, it said "New Show Just Added." I screamed and he went back online; I tried the phone UNTIL I finally got through. I requested accessible seating, which we do need, just as he got two seats online. I was so glad I could reciprocate the effort entailed in getting awesome Eagles seats.
My husband thought that seeing U2 might show me how tired the Eagles are. I don't think so, but I know I will love the U2 show. I should, as each time we drive through the Joshua Tree forest, the tunes are blasting.