Sunday, February 27, 2005

For Better Or For Worse

When we came home from an obligatory event last night, my husband said to my daughter, "Tonight is what they mean in the wedding vows when they say "for better or for worse." It was the kind of night where you go and support your spouse in whatever way they need, despite your interest in even attending. I told him that I owed him and he could take me somewhere that I would not like. He says he wouldn't do that to me. The reality is that he takes me places that are opposite -- really amazing opportunities. One that stands out is the time we went to a party and talked to Larry King; another is the recent experience at the FBR Open on the 18th green.
Honestly, for better or for worse, in my mind, would mean being there for your spouse, in any condition that they are -- needing a walker, on oxygen, deaf or blind, dementia, etc. -- the list goes on. Getting old is a challenge, both for yourself and your loved ones. Like they say, for better or for worse.