Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Howard Dean

I have been a supporter of Howard Dean from the days when the local campaign office had no furniture and one phone line. I have been leary, however, of the impact of his selection as DNC Chair. He has motivated so many people to join grassroots efforts and think of becoming involved politically. But, many people have been turned off along the way.
I truly hope that people will give him a second chance. I still never have seen the infamous "scream". According to some members of the media in the room at the time, it was actually an audio error in the broadcasting setup, in which the feed of the background noise was not turned on. But a costly error, at that.
If Howard Dean in his DNC role, and now his brother, James Dean (yes, really), as head of Democracy for America, can keep the momentum going from the last election, maybe there is hope ahead.