Friday, February 18, 2005


I write about coffee frequently because I think about it alot. I look forward to hot, strong coffee in the morning, usually brought to me in bed by my devoted husband. But, when the beans are not right, or we have coffee pot problems, it can be a disappointing start to the day. We seem to have found the perfect solution: a Farberware percolator on a timer (we are on our second one, but they are replacing the first one under warranty) and Cowboy beans, a dark, winy, rich taste. The best we have found are Cave Creek Coffee Company or the Sedona Coffee Roasters, which I happened upon with my cousin while visiting Sedona. We have been on the eternal search for a dark-roasted flavored coffee, and a visit to the Sedona Coffee Roasters website led us to the pot of gold --- French Roast Vanilla Nut. It is all that it was promised to be. I get the coffee ready before bed, set the timer and anxiously await the tempting smell that accompanies the coffee as it delivered bedside. That is worth getting up for, even if it is cold and dark.