Friday, March 04, 2005

Email Accounts

I have now been granted a G-mail account, though I have not yet given out that address. I still am leaning to my Yahoo! account for a variety of reasons -- one is free ice cream (no, just kidding. It was actually the first time I ever ordered an ice cream cone in the U.S.) But, the messages are sent rapidly in and out of Yahoo!, compared with delays using Hotmail. I persist with my Hotmail since it is in so many places that I live with the frustrations. I have had fewer "server is busy" messages lately, though the porno and prescription meds messages are still annoying.
What I like best about Yahoo! is the fact that when you start typing an address, by putting in the first letter, a list pops up and you can select your recipient easily. It is also easier to make address lists than Hotmail. I don't like that when you forward a message on Yahoo!, that it is a file attachment automatically -- I prefer sending emails with the forwarded one in the body of the message. For me, I don't always bother to open the attachments unless I am really interested and assume others feel the same way. I find that Florida orange juice popup really annoying on Yahoo! as it will not go away easily. Oh, the perils of free email.