Monday, February 28, 2005


As I see it, ringtones are a signature for a teenager, differentiating themselves from each other. The teens in our carpool are always listening to options, and changing them for a mere 99 cents. My husband doesn't understand ringtones, but, then again, he does not have his cellphone permanently attached to his body. Poor reception in our house probably contributes to that. My daughter has begged to get them. But, because the download software also brings in tons of popup ads, my husband has said no.
This past weekend, she was allowed to get them. They did the download of choices of songs together (sadly the one she wanted was not yet available). She listened to them; we listened to them and then, her friends listened to them before she finally selected one. For 99 cents she gets one ringtone, but, much to her delight, the other choices remain on her phone for ongoing listening pleasure.
I think they are a simple way to express yourself. Does anyone want to guess what song I would pick? An Eagles tune, you say? Right you are.