Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I read about the Valley of the Sun Diaper Bank when it started and it struck a nerve with me. We can all imagine that kids need diapers (they are not cheap and it is optimal to use coupons for them). But, what got me, is the seniors/adults who have an incontinence problem. Due to the high cost of adult diapers, they cannot afford them and subsequently, become house-bound.
My daughter and I are volunteering to pick up diapers for the big collection drive in March and April at a local Basha's store. I ended up with a store that is not the closest one, and it does not have the array of merchandise that my favorite Basha's does, but I figure I can shop at the same time.
We did our collection run (and shopping!) tonight. So far, after 2 weeks, and three trips, I have gathered 4 packages of diapers. I sure hope that the other locations are getting more than I am. Someone told me yesterday about a senior that kept getting bladder infections -- yep, you got it -- because the adult diapers are expensive, they wore them longer than they should have.