Thursday, March 10, 2005

On Overload

Last week, I was on overload, with so many obligations and commitments. I subsequently was not surprised when I then got a cold. As Louise Hay writes in her "Heal Your Body" book, each physical illness has a mental cause, with a metaphysical way to overcome them. I knew that a cold meant I had way "too much going on at once, reflecting mental confusion and disorder." That was so very accurate. So, the cold forced me to cancel all plans for 2 days, slow down and complete a whole bunch of loose ends. Then, my cold went away and I went back to a frenetic pace for this week. I still haven't found all the papers I needed for my taxes, but the two days of illness did help me finish quite a few things I had started.
As for the Louise Hay book, I never can keep track of it, so when it surfaces periodically I do enjoy flipping through it again for an update of what is really going on with me.