Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Activism Meets Spring Cleaning

This week there are so many events going on -- J.D. Hayworth Town Halls on Social Security Reform (he was very folksy, focused on one solution and I am one of those that would be interested in hastening his return to private life, as he stated to the crowd of supporters and those not supporting him). There are multiple local rallies for and against change in Social Security, meetings of educational groups to hear Gov. Janet Napolitano talk about her Republican Budget veto (hooray for her!) and generally lots of great political stuff.
Thankfully, for me, now you can be politically active by email -- encouraging that Arizona continue its funding of full-day kindergarten, trying to make sure that private school vouchers are not approved, etc.
But spring cleaning is the winner this week, getting through the clutter and stuff that blocks the hallways and chi of our house. The bell has rung, it is getting toward the final round and we are limping to the finish line. (How many cliches can be in one sentence?)