Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Garden Blues

I am so sad that my spring garden is not doing as planned. Last year, I just planted random vegetables and had some successes and more failures. This year, I took two classes, plotted out the site, bought special seeds --- and my four different types of radishes sprouted in the four days promised, only to be eaten by birds in my yard. I have hung several cds on poles and cords to swing and reflect light, with the intent of scaring them away. I think it did the opposite, as they first ate the little sprouts, came back for the roots and now are rolling around in the dirt. I am so disappointed! They even routed around in the big pot where I planted some avocado seeds. I mean, it is not like they don't have other food sources in the yard -- there are two hanging "bird bell" feeders, a hummingbird feeder and multiple scattering of crackers or bread throughout the day. I delight in seeing the quails running towards the food, but not when it is my vegetables sprouting.
Plan B is planting a plastic boat with seeds and making it inaccessible to the birds, as well as using part of the playstructure my daughter has outgrown.
My next step would ideally be a small greenhouse, but both my husband and daughter believe that would attract suspicion. I would be growing radishes and cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, and other herbs and vegetables. In the meantime, the only thing doing well in my garden are the two varieties of mint that have taken over and the oregano which is seeded itself everywhere. There is one strawberry on the strawberry plant, but as soon as it is red, I am sure it will be eaten by someone other than me.