Monday, March 12, 2007

U-Haul's Box Exchange Program

U-Haul gets it -- I heard on the radio about their new box reuse/recycle program. They will assist you, via their website to find someone with boxes that you can reuse prior to buying new ones. They encourage recycling after multiple uses. A cheer for them!!!
Many people have been doing this informally with friends and neighbors for years, but U-Haul is now structuring this for everyone to access. If you need to buy packaging tape for the boxes, the U-Haul paper tape is the very best out there. I have moved a lot; I have tried many tapes. This tapes tears easily with one hand but sticks when and where you want it. Any other paper tapes are not as good; accept no substitutes.
I think you still have to drive carefully when you are near a U-Haul truck on the highway; usually those drivers are not experienced at driving trucks. But their new box program should win them some environmental and marketing recognition!!!!!