Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hit Television Shows

Once every few years, I pick out a new TV show that eventually becomes popular. This year, I got hooked on "Ugly Betty" -- it has some great characters, but particularly the one playing Betty. (Some of the characters are annoying, but the show overall is worth it.) It is adapted from a story on the Spanish TV networks. I love Betty's style and the overall message of someone being themselves in the fashion world. Seems like the Golden Globe Awards agreed with my pick this year.
Past picks have been "Monk", "Lizzy McGuire and "Donny Cogswell." That last show was a college student travelling through Europe with a video camera sometime in the late '80s. It certainly was ahead of its time as a reality show, but was so sweet, and sadly, shortlived. If all these various networks, on the three screens, are looking for content, maybe they could locate "Donny Cogswell", "A Year In The Life" or "Thirty-something." I might watch them on my cellphone, but probably not.