Saturday, November 04, 2006

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

I started today very early by taking two boxes of bad stuff to the quarterly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. I had a scary ride there as I had a near-miss with an obviously impaired driver, but the City of Scottsdale deserves tremendous respect for how well the day was handled. The sign as I left the drop-off site said, "We do common things uncommonly well," and they did.
From the police directing traffic (obviously if you come after 7:30 am the lines are long), to the greeter at the gate that gives out a water bottle, to the people looking at and taking out the waste, and even the routing around the collection tents between the trash trucks was perfectly organized. The website said id was required; they said they trusted me. But, reality is, they would rather have someone leave it there than on the side of the road, in their trash or down the sewer.
The bad stuff I took was paint and pesticides left in our home from the previous owner, plus some batteries and pool chemicals. I know that the fumes that came from my stuff was harmful, but it may not be as horrific as the methyl bromide I read was just approved for use in the US, despite its negative impact on the ozone layer.
I buy organic now when I can, and my garden is organic. That new pesticide is enough to make me buy organic exclusively.
I look forward to Electronic Recycling day coming up soon in December. We sure have lots of that stuff in our garage.