Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My New XM Radio

My husband bought me a portable XM radio for our anniversary -- and so far, I love it. I am probably an unlikely customer as I mostly like hearing "The Eagles" or talk radio. I am also not a big technology person, but the radio and remote work very simply.
The problem is that the local talk radio is limited as I am fussy about what I like. Ronn Owens in San Francisco was classic as, when listening to him, I would stay in one room and complete a task. That is my main reason for talk radio, until, that is, I heard "The Bob Dylan Theme Hour" on a United flight, as a sampling of XM radio programming.
I listened to the same show all the way from London to San Francisco, learning about music from Bob Dylan's perspective, based on the theme of "rain." As a result, we now have XM radio to hear that, comedy, an old favorite Bruce Williams, to name a few. How fortunate for us that our anniversary is the same weekend that XM is playing the first 16 hours of the show in a sort of marathon.
Will it help me stay in one place to straighten up the garage, clean a closet, dust? Tune in later and find out (that is a radio pun, in case you did not get it.)