Saturday, May 06, 2006

CliffsNotes For Life

The other night in Fry's Electronics we saw a huge rack of laminated pages, on all sorts of topics that attracted our interest: knitting, crocheting, use of different software programs, asthma, diabetes, to name a few. I rushed home to look up and found that they are the largest source for laminated reference guides (is it a huge demand?) on all sorts of topics. Categories are business, home, medical, academic, computer and there are over 350 different topics. The website says they are quick study guides. They range from menus to any subject you would want to study or hobby you want to start -- I saw quick menu ideas, use of different herbs and spices and that barely scratched the surface.
The whole idea struck me as CliffsNotes for life. Perhaps memorizing all of them would be a good SAT preparation. All I know is that I am curious to go back and look at them again. Who could not find one or two that they could not live without? What a great gift idea for someone with a hobby or interest. To look at them, go to